Dreams Can Come True!!!!

Snowflake: Good Day Folks! So glad you could join us this fine Monday Morning! We know you are anxious to find out who will be our featured shop this week so let’s check in with our roaming reporter and see who it will be. Sunshine: The winds are blowing and the birds are singing and… Continue reading Dreams Can Come True!!!!

"How To Green-Up Your Shop"

Snowflake- Welcome to this weeks blog post. Let’s check in with our roaming reporter and see what this weeks topic is all about. Sunshine- Thanks Snowflake! As usual I have an interesting topic based on our featured spotlight member of the week. Which just happens to be my own shop, Jeanpatch by MK on Etsy.… Continue reading "How To Green-Up Your Shop"

Co-op News Update!!!

Week of March 5, 2012 Snowflake:This just in from our roaming reporter! Sunshine: New additions to the co-op are creating quiet a buzz.…….how about checking out the new ‘Classified’ section on the home page. You’ll see all the new links in blue under the ‘Welcome Announcement’ to the co-op. Next, up is a very important… Continue reading Co-op News Update!!!