Giveaway Contest With Delecto Art!

Ladybug:  I am reporting from New Jersey!   Things are starting to get windy here as we prepare for Hurricane Sandy.  Please keep our team members who live on the east coast in your prayers, and after the storm, please contact everyone to make sure all are safe.  The following team members live on the eastContinue reading “Giveaway Contest With Delecto Art!”

Giveaway Contest With Vintage 50s Treasures

Ladybug:   This week one of our team members, Joanna Vaughan, posted some suggestions to help boost sales.  She asked us to take a look at her most recent sale at  She was able to make this custom order because she updated her tags so they were more relevant with the search words customers are using ANDContinue reading “Giveaway Contest With Vintage 50s Treasures”

Giveaway Contest With DLA Bead Design

Ladybug: What a rainy week we have had here in Florida.  I wonder if the leaves are changing yet up north?   Who’s in the Spotlight this week?Sunshine:  Our featured member in the spotlight this week:                                                    DLAbeaddesign Here’s the interview I conducted with Debra: 1. What do you enjoy most about having your own Etsy shop? I enjoy workingContinue reading “Giveaway Contest With DLA Bead Design”

Giveaway Contest With Jeanpatch by MK

Ladybug:  What an exciting week with the SFGC Team!  We learned how to make treasuries, came up with ideas for our contest listings and we are looking into different ways to advertise our team.  I just love way we support each other!Who’s in the Spotlight this week?Sunshine:  Our featured member in the spotlight this week :                                                      Continue reading “Giveaway Contest With Jeanpatch by MK”