Giveaway Contest With Kalliescotton

Ladybug: Shop with SFGCTeam Kalliescotton BNS.  Everyone is invited so come on over and share in the fun.  We would love to get to know you.  You can win one of our open spots by making a purchase. Max. 2 spots per shop. Weekly Trivia Game & Prizes! Click Here! Join us each week on Saturday night at 6:30Continue reading “Giveaway Contest With Kalliescotton”

Giveaway Contest With CJWDesignVillage

Ladybug:  Weekly Trivia Game & Prizes! Click Here!Join us each week on Saturday night at 6:30 est for a fun trivia game on Etsy!  Our team invites all who like to exercise the little grey cells to join us for fun, laughs and just a great farmgirl night out!  Spotlight:  Who’s in the spotlight thisContinue reading “Giveaway Contest With CJWDesignVillage”

Giveaway With Kalliescotton

Ladybug: The Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op is going places in 2013!!!  We will be gifting our Eco-Gift sampler items to Celebrities this year at the Oscar’s, Kid’s and Teen Awards and Prime Time Emmy Awards!  Buy one of our Eco-Gift sampler bags and you’ll be famous in our book!   Spotlight: Who’s in the spotlight this week? Let’sContinue reading “Giveaway With Kalliescotton”