Markets of Sunshine: Buying Club Welcome to Digi Graphics 4 U to our Etsy Team!

Markets of Sunshine welcomes Digital Graphics shop Digi Graphics 4 U to our Etsy team.  Recently, we opened up a new avenue of getting sales and jump starting your business with our Buying Club on Facebook.  I meet Dani’s mother Kelli when she joined my buying club private group on Facebook.  Whether, you are inContinue reading “Markets of Sunshine: Buying Club Welcome to Digi Graphics 4 U to our Etsy Team!”

Free DIY Project Sunday: Dough Dolls

If you grew up in the 1970’s you probably made these in school during art class.  I found this lovely vintage book from 1975 with poems about friendship and along the way they have tucked in a number of wonderful craft projects.  Here is the one Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team is sharing with you today.  HowContinue reading “Free DIY Project Sunday: Dough Dolls”

1st Annual Florida Farm Girl Meet-Up

Last year I planned a meet-up with the ladies I have been doing swaps with on MaryJane’s Farm forum.  These swaps literally helped me heal through my ordeal with Lyme disease.  The farm girls showed me so much kindness and understanding which I really needed in a very dark time of my life.  I joined the forum years agoContinue reading “1st Annual Florida Farm Girl Meet-Up”