Markets of Sunshine Vendors #Trending #GiftIdeas

Markets of Sunshine vendors are offering trending gifts for the 2015 shopping season.  Here are just a few of the great handmade gifts we have to offer in the top trending colors for Fall!Get a 20% off coupon code to use in Markets of Sunshine FL shop when you sign-up for our newsletter and openContinue reading “Markets of Sunshine Vendors #Trending #GiftIdeas”

New #Vintage and #Handmade Items Ready For You! Brought To You By Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team!

We love sharing what’s new in our Etsy shops with you and here are some we added recently to our #vintage and #handmade section.  Pioneer Fundrasier has 2 vintage collector plates by Normal Rockwell. Recipe Corner  Homemade Bread Any basic bread recipe will work but here is one we used from Taste of Home IngredientsContinue reading “New #Vintage and #Handmade Items Ready For You! Brought To You By Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team!”

#Handmade #Gifts Brought To You By Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team

Everyone is looking for that unique gift that won’t break the bank!  Markets of Sunshine has the perfect selection of handmade gifts that are eco-friendly, unique and affordable all in one spot.  Check out our collection below and click on each item to be taken to that seller’s shop on Etsy.We accept paypal or credit card.  SomeContinue reading “#Handmade #Gifts Brought To You By Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team”

#MondayMotivation #MosGiftClub Brought to You By Markets of Sunshine

Are You Ready For #MondayMotivation!  Here are 14 ways to beat the Monday Blues.Compliments of Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team!  Find us on social media using #MosGiftClub Live, Laugh, Love!  Handmade gifts that will inspire you to look for the blessings in your day! Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team Handmade Gifts The items in thisContinue reading “#MondayMotivation #MosGiftClub Brought to You By Markets of Sunshine”

#InternationalLiteracyDay #MosGiftClub Reading Is Fundamental

Today is #InternationalLiteracyDay and if you can read you should thank the person who taught you this fundamental gift of life.  Without this skill you would miss out on so many wonderful connections and relationships in life.  So today, be thankful and happy that you have been given this gift of reading.Find us on socialContinue reading “#InternationalLiteracyDay #MosGiftClub Reading Is Fundamental”

#MondayMotivation – #CelebrateFamily #MosGiftClub

Happy Monday!  Are you ready for Monday!  Most definitely not is what I’m thinking and I know I am not alone.  We need something to motivate us and help us get through Monday and Markets of Sunshine is going to help you do just that.  How about a golden oldie song by the Mamas & The Papas!Continue reading “#MondayMotivation – #CelebrateFamily #MosGiftClub”

Celebrate Florida With Markets of Sunshine Gift of Month Club

Markets of Sunshine is celebrating in Florida with the oldest city in the U.S.A. St. Augustine, FL!  St. Augustine turned 450 years old this week and we are celebrating with made in Florida products from Markets of Sunshine Etsy Team.  Wahoo! #celebrate450 #marketsofsunshine #mosgiftclub #bloomingtailsdogduds Our Gift of the month club will include our exclusive hollowContinue reading “Celebrate Florida With Markets of Sunshine Gift of Month Club”