DIY Hollow Book Box: Final Week to a Clutter Free Room Challenge

This week I thought I’d surprise you with a fun weekend DIY project.  It will take adult supervision if there are young children helping you.  
Here is my PDF download instructions on how to make your very own hollow book box in a weekend.  Step by step instructions are included for 2 skill levels.  One for beginners for those with no power tool skills and one for advanced woodworking folks who know how to use power tools aka saws.
If, you have any questions once you receive the pdf file, feel free to contact me through our Etsy shop MySecretCompartments.

This is the final week of our 4 weeks to a clutter free room challenge.  Yay! we made it to the end of this project and we are still in one piece. hehe!
As you can see the bookcase now has our book inventory all neatly organized on the shelves.  The floor is clean and clear leaving plenty of room for dancing when the mood strikes me.

Spencer our Yorkie insists on being in the heart of the action.  But, he is such cute clutter. giggle!  
The next project will be to go through each and every drawer, bag and container and do the same 4 step process again.  That will be coming up this Fall.  Stay tuned to this blog!
Leave a comment updating me on how you are doing with your clean up challenge.  I’d love to hear from you.

Sending You Sunshine,

Marsha Jaramillo
Markets of Sunshine

P.S. Coming next month a whole new theme will be added to my book lover’s theme.  I’ll be sharing my own experience and knowledge with holistic alternative treatment options and eating organic on a budget with gluten free recipes and money saving sites to shop.

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8 thoughts on “DIY Hollow Book Box: Final Week to a Clutter Free Room Challenge

  1. The clutter-free room looks fantastic, Marsha!! Being a health food/nutrition enthusiast I'm looking forward to seeing next month's posts. Thanks so much for your wonderful work!! 😀

  2. Applause! Congratulations on completing your clutter-free project. Great job!. Looking forward to your upcoming blogs, love recipes, health tips, and great shopping venues.

  3. Thank you! Sally for your enthusiasm. Eating healthy is something I've been good at for the last 27 years due to health reasons. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with those who want to improve their health.

  4. It feels good to have accomplished this after years of needing to get it done. Having help makes all the difference in the world. How are you doing with your sewing room?

  5. Organic eating and living a healthy lifestyle is one of my favorite subjects! We have a lot of experience with that too that all started with our health years ago. Looking forward to seeing what you have to share! And I'm sharing this blog post on social media as well. Thanks!

  6. Wow!! You did it!!! Marsha, it looks wonderful. I was hoping to see a picture of you dancing in that wonderful open space!! Hehehehe!Looking forward to your next series, cannot wait.:-D

  7. That is wonderful Bronte. We all look forward to the day when the whole earth is growing organic food. Thanks for sharing on your social media for me too.

  8. Spencer is no good at holding the camera steady. giggle! And my hubby isn't much better. But, I will keep that in mind for my next project.

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