It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

It doesn’t get any better than this.  2 fun shopping events happening on Etsy every day in May.  First, up this Sunday, May 21st marks the 5th shopping event that Icky Chic Designs and Markets of Sunshine have held at 9 pm est with unheard of discounts on select items for 30 minutes only.
Second, Spring clearance sale from May 15-31, 2017
Spring 2017 Gone
 Blink and You Lose


WHERE IS THE EVENT? At these sponsoring Etsy Shops 
Icky Chic Design 

Every Sunday Evening from 
6 – 6:30 PM Pacific Time Zone (US West Coast)
8 – 8:30 CST Central Standard Time
9 – 9:30 EST (US East Coast)
(Event will close on individual items sold before 8:30)


At 8 – 8:05 PM CST all item’s listed for Sunday’s Shopping Event will be ridiculously lowered in price. At 8:30 PM CST the item will be returned to it’s original price. You only have a window of 30 minutes to secure these awesome deals! So you see…if you BLINK, YOU REALLY WILL LOSE…  You don’t need an Etsy account to purchase these items. You can use the Etsy Guest feature to purchase items on Etsy without an account.

THIS WEEK’S EVENT ITEMS: (Sunday, May 21st)

 (Markets of Sunshine) 2nd Year Anniversary Gift For Her

Original Price: $10  
Event Price: $3
  (Markets of Sunshine) Cash System Bookmark, Personalized Bookmark

Original Price: $15 
Event Price: $8
 (Icky Chic Designs)  Gypsy Fun Summer Tote   

Original Price$69.00 
Shipping: FREE on Sunday night’s event
Event Price: $39.00
More Details and photos
 (Icky Chic Designs) 

Eyeglass Case with Key Pouch Organizer
Original Price: $22.00
Shipping: FREE on Sunday night’s event
Event Price: $9.90
 (Icky Chic Designs) Women’s Sleep Mask, Travel Mask – Red Gingham, Sequins

Original Price: $12.00
Event Price: $3.75
 (Icky Chic Designs) Fabric Eyeglass Case with Matching Mug Mat – African Theme

Original Price: $13.50
Event Price: $3.75

  • All transactions will take place through the Etsy shop featuring the item you choose to buy. 
  • Items are subject to change should they sell before the event starts.
WHO will walk away with these fantastic deals? It could be YOU!

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