Help Preserve The Monarch Butterfly – Monarch City USA

Have you heard that their is a buzz going around the U.S.A.? It’s all about saving the Monarch butterfly that is on the endangered species list. Visit the Monarch City USA website and join the movement in your area. I’m a big nature girl and love the outdoors from flowers to bees.  My passion forContinue reading “Help Preserve The Monarch Butterfly – Monarch City USA”

Cash Envelope System Budget Binder Set

  Watch this live demonstration featuring handmade products from Markets of Sunshine Etsy shop. You’ll be able to see just how well made and useful each item is so that you can be confident in buying from our shop. Just about every item is hand stitched and laminated so it won’t come apart. You’ll findContinue reading “Cash Envelope System Budget Binder Set”

Grateful For You Cards Features Original Artwork

  Change your attitude, change your life!  These handmade greeting cards feature original artwork and are hand stamped with the word “Grateful”.Coming to our Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine October 2019. This is a limited edition set of 15 cards and envelopes. The entire “Gratitude Collection” will be released in mid October.  So be sureContinue reading “Grateful For You Cards Features Original Artwork”