Certified Wildlife Habitat – Marsha Jaramillo, Owner of Markets Of Sunshine

National Wildlife Federation certifies new wildlife habitat in Deltona, FL. Mrs. Marsha Jaramillo, owner of Markets of Sunshine lives in Deltona, FL has successfully created a Certified Wildlife Habitat through its Garden for Wildlife program… This was the welcome kit I received from the National Wildlife Federation after I completed the Garden for Wildlife program. Continue reading “Certified Wildlife Habitat – Marsha Jaramillo, Owner of Markets Of Sunshine”

Free Shipping On Etsy Purchases

How Would You Like Free Shipping?Do you shop on Etsy?  Do you know what Etsy is all about?It’s a website that hosts sellers from around the world.  Over 1 million to be exact. That’s a lot of products for sale.Out of those million my family runs two small businesses on Etsy.Since 2008 our handmade shop,Continue reading “Free Shipping On Etsy Purchases”

Handmade Paper Gift Bags and Gift Tags

Handmade paper gift bags using vintage map pages.Want a quick and easy gift that has a vintage flair?  Use one of these handmade paper gift bags made of vintage map pages from old books.  It has a clear pocket on the front that is hand stitched and includes a butterfly gift tag.There are pretty pinkContinue reading “Handmade Paper Gift Bags and Gift Tags”