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                                   Happiness in a Box!

Whether, you are a nature girl, city slicker, country gal, beach babe or mountain chick, Happiness gift collection is the perfect compliment to your lifestyle!

Each month you will receive 3 full size products designed to build your gratitude, and to help you find your happy place and inspire creativity all to compliment your lifestyle.

  • One Sun hat size 20-22 inches
  • one cotton face mask with elastic loops
  • one gratitude journal 3 x 5 inches
  • one laminated wallet 3.25 x 7 inches
  • fun unique bookmark set variety of sizes
  • one keepsake box (hollow book) assorted titles
  • gift box

We pick what the design will be each month according to our theme.

For July the theme is: Sunshine in a Box!

Sign-up now to receive your first Happiness Box.  All new customer’s get a free gift included with their first box.

Retail value is $100                        

$35.00 a month if you continue your subscription!

Get the brand new Sunshine in a Box gift collection today and get your first (1st) subscription box for only $35.00 the first month with Free Shipping in USA!  International shipping is $25.00

                  Limited Quantities! Only 5 will be available each month.  Ships 15th of each Month

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I'm a mixed media artist who uses journal writing as a way to unlock my creativity so that I can do the things I love and love the things I do each day.

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  1. This is such a cool collection of Summertime products. You'll be smiling from ear to ear with this wonderful assortment of Sunshine in a box gifts.

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