Making Slow-Stitch Fabric Artwork, Crafts For Adults

I’ve been making slow-stitch fabric artwork pieces for adults to give as handmade craft gifts for decades.

Making slow-stitch artwork is a fun and relaxing craft for adults because it really does help relax you as you create something useful and beautiful with fabric and thread.

There are a lot of slow-stitching kits that you can buy, and most people like finding them on Etsy at Markets of Sunshine shop.

Slow-stitch kits by theme.

Here is a short list of the varieties you will find when you explore the slow-stitch section of my shop. Pink tiny house kit, purple bird and flower kit, folk art tiny house kit, pink soft book kit, bluebird tiny house kit, patchwork teapot kit, orange bird tea cup kit, vintage needle book kit, vintage camper kit, and pink heart kit.

Out of the list above I have had my all-time favorite is the patchwork teapot kit.

Making Slow-stitch fabric artwork, crafts for adults

Making your own slow-stitch tiny house is relaxing.

Taking time after a long stressful day to make a tiny house applique is definitely relaxing because of the mindfulness and creativity that goes into it.

The fun part is picking out the fabric colors for each part of the tiny house.

The tiny house kit contains everything you’ll need with the exception of the needle and thread. (It does come with embroidery thread for embellishment features.)

Since you have to use your creativity to decide what color you want the roof, the house and then the windows, and lastly the door, you can escape reality and get into the world of slow-stitching which really helps to relieve stress.

It’s really quick and fun to put the pieces together on top of a piece of batting and then using the embroidery thread sew them together with little decorative stitches.

Let’s explore that world of slow stitching a little closer with some of my latest mini fabric artwork pieces available in my Etsy shop, Markets of Sunshine. I’ve even started a community around this movement called, the Sunshine Maker’s Club. To join the club and get all the perks as a member of my creative community, get on my mailing list by filling out the form on the home page of my blog.

Which slow-stitch kit is best for relaxation?

Most of the kits that are sold do not come with a pattern or video tutorial. This will be the reason for either frustration or relaxation. The kits that come with a pattern or video tutorial will make your experience more relaxing and less frustrating. Everyone will have different creativity levels, so you want to start at the skill level you are presently at with the idea of growing but not so overwhelming that you give up.

I’ve taken all of the frustration out of the equation by including several specific slow-stitch patterns and a video tutorial on my YouTube channel, Markets of Sunshine. So if you are a visual learner then this is the route you will want to take.

Buying vs making your own slow-stitch embellishments

Since it is a DIY slow-stitch kit it seems logical that most would want to make their own embellishments using the supplies. But, you could be the one who wants to save time and buy the ready-made embellishment to use as a guide and use the rest of the supplies for the background foundation piece.

The beauty of having a ready-made embellishments is that you can use them on other fabric art projects such as quilt blocks and wall hangings.

If you do some research on Google you will find lots of different ways to use these slow-stitch embellishments. I’ve used them on the front of greeting cards and to make a pincushion.

More Slow-stitch inspiration

I have a YouTube channel that I started all about unlocking your creativity.

check that out here, Markets of Sunshine DIY videos.

I add new video tutorials every week on my channel. The latest one is about a purple soft book for practicing your slow-stitch embroidery stitches.

It’s a relaxing way to make something creative and end up with a beautiful result.

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