Keeping The Fun Going With Kallie's Cotton!

The fun continues with Kallie’s Cotton Blog Hop & Shop Hop! Snowflake: Hello Again Dear Friends! Are you ready for some more fun with the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op? Our featured member in the spotlight this week is┬áKallie’s Cotton. She has a contest for you. . . here are the rules:Kallie’s Contest Rules: 1. LikeContinue reading “Keeping The Fun Going With Kallie's Cotton!”

Celebrating with CJW Design Village

Celebrating with CJW Design Village Snowflake: Welcome to another fun week with the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op members. We have a great member featured this week. Cindy of CJW Design Village.Let’s tune in with or roaming reporter, Sunshine and see what she has for us this week. Sunshine: Thanks, Snowflake! Our featured member this weekContinue reading “Celebrating with CJW Design Village”

Celebrating Family Heritage with Kallie's Cotton

Celebrating Family Heritage with Kallie’s Cotton Snowflake: We hope you are in the mood to share some family tree history with us this week with our featured spotlight member, Kallie’s Cotton. Let’s check in with our roaming reporter to see what fun activities she has for us! Sunshine: It’s good to be here with youContinue reading “Celebrating Family Heritage with Kallie's Cotton”