My Best Craft Supplies and Tools For Beginners On A Budget

Knowing what craft and sewing supplies to buy is so important.  You want to have the highest rated and top quality that all the top crafter’s are using. Am I right?!  You also might be asking yourself “What craft supplies should I buy on a budget?  What’s the cheapest way to get started if youContinue reading “My Best Craft Supplies and Tools For Beginners On A Budget”

Junk Journal July Embellishments Kit Club

July Junk Journal Embellishments Kit Club $10 plus shipping Inside you’ll find four pockets filled with a variety of goodies for you to use when making your own Junk Journal.  There are handmade embellishments for tuck spots, pockets, altered paper clips, tags and more all inside this beautiful floral themed holder. Be sure to SubscribeContinue reading “Junk Journal July Embellishments Kit Club”

Bohemian Junk Journal Embellishments Challenge

 Learn how to make a variety of pretty and wild embellishments in styles from around the world on my YouTube channel, Markets of Sunshine.  I’ve joined in a fun challenge with my crafting collab friend Lynda Coker.  Be sure to check out her YouTube channel and Subscribe so you don’t miss any new videos inContinue reading “Bohemian Junk Journal Embellishments Challenge”