Support Women in Business!

Do you support women in business?  You can help small businesses to flourish all over the USA by shopping local and buying handmade.  Lots of woman are now working from home to help support their families.I personally work from home running my marketing business, Markets of Sunshine, because of my chronic illness with Lyme disease.Continue reading “Support Women in Business!”

Refreshing Vegan No Bake Recipe For Summertime!

Summer is here and we are feeling the heat here in Florida!  Here is an easy no-bake recipe that is vegan friendly and will help you stay cool and boost your energy this summer. This is a new recipe my daughter made that is totally a hit with those who love healthy choices and areContinue reading “Refreshing Vegan No Bake Recipe For Summertime!”

Internet Etiquette: Netiquette: The New Age of Customer Etiquette

Why do I say in my title the new age of customer etiquette?  It should be obvious, most of our shopping and interaction with others is no longer in person.  Our kids don’t know the meaning of face to face communication skills.Happily, I have come to the point in my business that I have foundContinue reading “Internet Etiquette: Netiquette: The New Age of Customer Etiquette”

Event Planning: Swag Bag Party Favors!

Let Markets of Sunshine makes your next party a big success with our swag bag party favors!  You can give your guests gifts like the celebrities get at a fraction of the cost!  We do event planning, party planning for all occasions such as office parties, kid parties, anniversary’s, weddings, baby showers and more! EachContinue reading “Event Planning: Swag Bag Party Favors!”